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2017 Thai Bodywork Group Classes & Workshops

Move beyond the Sip Sen commonly studied by westerners and take a deep dive into the subtleties and fine details of Thai Sen Theory, structural bodywork methods and techniques, peripheral nerve mobilization, passive stretching, and more in a unique small-group setting that will help you get the most out of each and every class. Rather than approaching the Sen (Thai “energy” lines) from a conventional or segmental perspective, we will view the Sen through a holistic, system-wide lens using a tensegrity-based, dynamic approach. In each class, discover how connected chains of fascial septa, nerves, vasculature, and other subtle structures link together across joints to form long lines of tension in the body that deeply affect our posture, joint mobility, alignment, and more. These classes will dramatically change your understanding of Thai Sen Theory and traditional bodywork methods, building a strong foundation for upcoming advanced therapeutics class offerings in 2018. Each introductory* 4-session module can be taken individually, sequentially, or via private mentorship to expand your knowledge of this ancient healing art & science.

Our small-group Thai Structural Bodywork classes meet Sundays from 4-7pm (with an optional practice & review hour from 7-8pm after each class for ongoing weekly students). Class sizes are strictly limited to 4 students per session to ensure an unprecedented level of personalized instruction for each participant; register early to reserve your space in a class series (links below), book single sessions from our calendar page, or call us at (415) 745-9471 to sign up for an extended course of study or quarterly unlimited class membership.

* Introductory does not mean “easy”. Even the basic form of the Thai Structural work is quite complex. The neuromyofascial Sen we will be working with in class are very different from the Sen one finds mapped in commonly-available published works, online references, and the majority of larger-group classes and workshops.