Delve into in-depth study of Thai Sen Theory, Structural Bodywork techniques and methodologies, and many other topics related to the authentic practice of this ancient healing art & science.



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Our Thai bodywork classes/mentorships are for experienced bodyworkers and movement instructors interested in deepening their knowledge of this ancient healing modality. Our classes are unique in that we approach the work from a structural-energetic bodywork perspective. Group classes are limited to 4 participants to ensure individual attention, personalized instruction, and to expedite the learning process. We cover a wide variety of subjects with rotating themes/topics offered each month, custom-tailored to the needs, interests, and questions of the group. Descriptions of upcoming class modules can be found on our classes & workshops page.


What You Will Learn:


Methods and Techniques

  • Thai Structural Bodywork techniques targeting specific issues and overall postural alignment
  • Methods for de-rotating misaligned joints using soft-tissue techniques
  • Working with nerve issues/impingements
  • Discerning various types of Sen issues by palpation
  • Restoring optimal joint range-of-motion
  • Efficient techniques for deep differentiation of fascial septa



  • Learn to work with neuromyofascial Sen that affect posture, joint alignment, and movement
  • How the extremities and end-points of channels relate to the core
  • Interplay of Sen at joints
  • Selected topics from Traditional Thai Medicine including Element Theory


Sen-based Postural Analysis

  • Combine application of Thai Sen Theory with Western-based anatomy and terminology
  • Effectively assess and analyze posture based on various subtle indicators throughout the body
  • Learn to design treatment series for a variety of postural patterns and specific misalignments
  • Static and dynamic Sen assessment techniques, including using passive Thai “stretches” as a diagnostic for interplay between superficial and deep Sen further up the kinetic chain



  • How to utilize stretches within a structural bodywork or movement-based framework
  • Mastering positioning, holds, and locks for precise and safe alignment during stretches
  • Specific adaptations for joint hypermobility and modifications for other issues
  • Assessing resistance caused by restrictions along various types of sen pathways, and methods for addressing these via stretching or soft-tissue techniques


Practitioner Self-Care

  • Traditional strength training methods and stretches for stronger hands and thumbs
  • Exercises to promote flexibility in hips, thighs, and ankles for optimal body mechanics
  • Shoulder stability exercises
  • Self-maintenance of Sen lines throughout the body
  • Breathing practices and meditations
  • Reusi Dat Ton self-care exercises (Thai Hermit Yoga)


Wai Khru and traditional practices

  • Wai Khru (traditional chants honoring the lineage of the practice)
  • History of Thai bodywork and Reusi Dat Ton self-care practices
  • Other sub-topics are available based on interest/aptitude or by request



Thai training helps keep one’s body strong, flexible, and in optimum alignment for long days of bodywork and/or movement practice via traditional self-care methods for maintenance of the sen. Learning this modality in-depth will also help one address clients’ issues (and one’s own) more effectively from a variety of angles, using a different conceptual framework than what is commonly utilized in Western-based modalities.

For bodyworkers: Use methods and techniques learned in class to directly help your clients via hands-on Thai Structural Bodywork, nerve mobilization, and passive stretching. Using advanced sen-based assessments, with practice you will be able to see the root causes and/or various progressive layers of neuromyofascial alignment issues more clearly and easily.

For movement instructors: Sen are pathways for movement in the body—this work is not solely for bodyworkers and manual therapists! Through practice of methods and techniques learned in class, you will develop a keen sense for subtle differences in sen alignment that affect movement throughout the body (such as restrictions in ROM, small “wobbles” or aberrations in joint tracking, weakness, pain, alignment issues, predispositions and tendencies based on elemental constitution, etc.). With an eye for these fine details, and a thorough understanding of how static and dynamic bodywork techniques and passive stretches influence the sen, it will be much easier to intuit which combinations and progressions of movements, stretches, and exercises will help to mobilize various types of restrictions and refine alignment via the methods you already teach (i.e. without the use of bodywork techniques on clients).

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Group Class Rates & Packages

Group classes are ongoing, with rolling admissions, and are limited to 4 students per class to ensure a highly personalized learning environment. Classes meet weekly on Sunday evenings (3-4 hours per session), and are grouped into theme-based modules that can stand alone or build progressively towards knowledge of the complete system.

Interested students are welcome to attend single sessions when space is available. For serious ongoing students, an initial three- to six-month commitment is recommended. If you are interested in pursuing an extended term of study, please call or email us to check ongoing space availability for your desired start date.

$125 for a single session
$380 for a class series module (4 sessions) *
$1080 for a quarterly class membership (unlimited sessions) *

* includes an extra practice & review hour after each week’s class for ongoing students (see calendar)


Registration Information

To sign up for a class session or series, book online using our class & workshop registration page. Class series purchases are non-refundable, but are transferable to future class sessions or series (with advance notice to reschedule) to allow for scheduling flexibility. Quarterly unlimited class memberships are valid for 90 days from first use, for Thai bodywork group classes only. Please call us at (415) 745-9471 to verify space availability before purchasing a quarterly class membership.



We also offer private mentoring by the hour. One-on-one sessions maximize personal attention, with instruction tailored specifically to what the student wants to learn or work on. This option is ideal for advanced students or as a supplement for those wishing to delve more deeply into topics covered in group classes. Up to two students can attend a single private mentoring session. For groups of three or more, contact us to inquire about booking a custom-designed private class.

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