Expand the benefits of structural alignment and fascial fitness with a somatically-informed, integrative approach to stress management, cultivating inner resilience, and achieving mind-body balance.


Stress Management Skills Coaching

Increasingly, the complexities and demands of ever-evolving modern life can lead to the buildup of stress, chronic tension, and a kind of fragmentation or disconnection from our sense of wholeness—that deep, expansive connection to our authentic, resilient inner selves and the world around us. At some point, we have all experienced, admired, or aspired to some form of that outwardly-visible and inwardly-felt sense of balance, ease, and grace that comes from a well-integrated mind-body connection, which persists and flourishes even amidst life’s ups and downs.

If you’ve been through a Structural Integration series, you’ve experienced this process of deepening connection and awareness unfolding and evolving over the course of your series as your body moved into alignment. For those interested in taking the inwardly-focused aspects of this process to the next level, our somatically-informed coaching and specialized wellness offerings emphasize stress relief and inner resilience while further cultivating your felt-sense of mind-body balance, connection, and ease.

As with our bodywork and movement offerings, we approach our wellness offerings from an integrative perspective, drawing from multiple modalities and advanced skill sets to precisely tailor each session to your individual, unique needs. Sessions are highly interactive, utilizing goal-based, results-oriented principles and efficient techniques drawn from a variety of methodologies including somatic bodywork, life coaching, wellness coaching, gestalt work, positive psychology, mindfulness meditation, restorative yoga, and multi-modal, client-centered hypnotherapy.


How does Hypnotherapy benefit the Coaching process?

If you’re familiar with and have experienced the state of “flow” (from psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s groundbreaking work on optimal experience)—that feeling of absorption, focus, and effortless action generated by fully engaging in a challenging task that requires a high level of skill—then you’ve already experienced one very useful and powerful form of self-hypnosis. While less-valuable hypnotic states certainly do exist (“highway hypnosis”, binge-watching TV series, etc.), many forms are incredibly valuable not just for increasing relaxation, but also for improving concentration, focus, creativity, and problem-solving ability. Hypnosis is a natural state that bypasses the critical factor of the conscious mind that can sometimes get in the way of finding solutions—unlocking direct access to the creative problem-solving ability of the subconscious mind. By incorporating hypnotherapeutic work into coaching sessions, and offering additional skills for achieving beneficial self-hypnotic states on your own, progress is accelerated far beyond what can be achieved with coaching alone.

About Our Wellness Offerings

An individualized Stress Management Skills Coaching series is generally 8-12 sessions in length, based on your goals for the work. Depending on session frequency, a series generally lasts two to three months (for weekly sessions) or four to six months (for sessions every other week). Many clients find the longer-term, biweekly schedule to be optimal, as it allows for extra time to put each step of one’s individualized process into practice between sessions. Current or past bodywork and movement clients are welcome to schedule single Stress Management Coaching sessions or mini-series on an as-needed basis without committing to a full coaching series.

After completing your series, you are welcome to periodically refresh and update your skills with single sessions or short mini-series to refine and deepen the benefits of your meditation and stress-reduction practices over time. Dedicated hypnotherapy sessions are also available as a standalone offering separate from coaching.

Your Stress-Reduction Toolbox:

Self-Hypnosis Skill-Building

Meditation, Breathwork, & Relaxation Practices

Hypnotherapeutic Techniques

Wellness Coaching & Healthy Lifestyle Options

Nourishing, Restorative Movement

Walk Through An Initial Session...

Step 1: Uncover Challenges & Perpetuating Factors

A thorough initial consultation utilizes both conversational and somatically-informed techniques. Habitual postures and patterns of movement can be key factors in discovering underlying patterns of stress—the mind and body are in many ways reflections of each other. Together, after clarifying your goals for the series, we’ll work to uncover the challenges and perpetuating factors that may be holding you back, and begin to dissolve, work around, or transform them step-by-step.

Step 2: Establish Goals & Timelines For Success

Coaching and Hypnotherapy are both highly collaborative processes—by establishing measurable waypoints along a clear path to success, we can efficiently work as a team to achieve your goals and co-create the results you desire, starting with your very first session. Depending on what we discovered during step one, this pathway could take the form of coaching, hypnotherapy, skill-building, or a combined approach based on your preferences and interests.

Step 3: Personalized Stress Management Skill-Building

Utilizing a variety of customized stress management techniques and practices, you’ll gain options for easy-to-use, personalized methods to implement in your day-to-day life to reduce stress and tension, improving mind-body balance. We’ll also work together to uncover additional solutions and resources you can explore on your own to further reduce stress and maximize personal well-being.

Step 4: Guided Meditation & Intro to Self-Hypnosis

Meditation is an evidence-based, scientifically proven method for reducing stress. Achieving a calm mind can seem like a lofty goal, but when combined with hypnotic induction and individualized, interactive guided imagery, one’s forward progress can be greatly accelerated. Guided work can be tailored to a variety of related goals such as reducing insomnia, improving work-life balance, or building inner resiliency while maintaining an overall focus on stress relief.

Subsequent sessions in a series each take on a unique form, addressing your specific goals by breaking them down into measurable steps on a path to success, focusing on a distinct theme or topic each week. As the work unfolds, sessions build upon one another and evolve into a cohesive series that we design together step-by-step as you move forward on your path to achieve your goals to manage, reduce, and relieve stress.